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Fundamentals of Optimal Living and the Hero's Journey
Recorded on May 9, 2012
With Brian Johnson: Philosopher & CEO of en*theos
Hosted by Ben Hart
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Brian Johnson loves wisdom. He also loves inspiring and empowering people to live their most joyful, authentically awesome lives. That makes him a Philosopher. After realizing he wasn’t quite rockin’ his dharma, Brian decided to sell the business he was running and give himself a Ph.D. in Optimal Living. He couldn’t find a program that integrated everything he wanted to study—from old school philosophy, positive psychology and religious studies to nutrition, health & fitness, creativity, business and modern self-development. So, he decided to create his own doctoral program. He earned his Master’s by distilling the Big Ideas from one hundred of his favorite self-development classics into “PhilosophersNotes” and is working on his dissertation. In his past lives, Brian created eteamz and Zaadz—two leading social networking sites. He’s a proud law school drop out who enjoys spooning with his Goddess when he’s not reading or hiking or writing or otherwise enjoying himself.